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Our 101st Post! The Past 100 Green Living Tips from our Blog...

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Over the past 100 posts, we've learned quite a bit about green living and blogging itself. In this post, our 101st post, we'll review our past 101 posts with a brief one sentence review of what you can find on that post. It's our way of looking back at our accomplishments of each post, and a great way for you to find some of our best green tips. So here they are, listed from earliest to the most recent! We'll be breaking this post down into 4 parts. Enjoy, and thank you everyone for reading the green tips blog over the past 100 posts!

Our First 25 Green Living Tips Posts

1. In our first post, we simply introduced ourselves and gave a link to read our "why use reusable bags" page. A simple welcome to our blog introduction.

2. Try out some indoor plants for fresher air all year long, especially in those winter months.

3. Find out some of the benefits of switching to CFL bulbs in this post on greening your budget.

4. Experience local farm fresh taste all year with a CSA near you!

5. Make the switch to tap water from bottled water and save some cash, and spare yourself the BPA.

6. Maintain your car and save money on fuel expenses, tires, engine repairs, and not to mention keep the environment and our air less polluted.

7. Properly dispose of paint to avoid these potentially hazardous chemicals and ingredients from leeching into our environment.

8. VOC, aka volatile organic compounds, can be found in many plastics and man-made items. Avoid them whenever possible, if possible!

9. Save cash on packaging supplies by reusing and looking for green and often free alternatives whether you're an Ebay seller, shipper, or small business owner.

10. Turn down the fridge temperature and save a boatload of money on your electric bill every month.

11. Find the reusable bag of the month for August 2008 on this post dedicated to our special bird bag!

12. Reduce pesticide exposure on produce by following some simple steps.

13. Considering a hybrid car? Learn which hybrids were good, bad, and the best on this post.

14. All cities were not created equal. Find out if your city is walkable or more car-friendly on this useful post.

15. Turns out that VOC can be found in many more things than originally thought!

16. In August '08, we reviewed some of the greenest hybrids to come out at the time, some of which are still on the top list.

17. Chevrolet announced an innovation in green technology in the Chevy Volt, a largely electric car that can potentially burn zero fuel!

18. Pepsi had a great campaign in 2008 to encourage more Pepsi drinkers to recycle their aluminum cans.

19. Find the nearest recycling center to you with these fast and easy websites at your disposal.

20. Despite having many benefits, CFL bulbs do have some downsides that you should be aware of.

21. Recycle those strange, odd, and unusable-to-you items here.

22. Clothing can always be recycled, as you'll find out here, no matter what.

23. Don't let go of balloons, they do have some negative consequences on our local wildlife.

24. Cut down on back to school waste by reusing, cutting back, and recycling every September.

25. This is one of our reader's favorite posts. Ever wonder what world without recycling would be like? What if no one recycled? We've imagined the possibilities on this post, What Not Recycling Will Do to You.

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