Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finding your Local Recycling Center

There are hundreds of sites that you might come across for green living tips, but one of the better green sites out there is greenliving.lifetips.com. One of the latest posts discusses how "in the United States right now, landfills are filling up and closing at the rate of approximately 2 a day," an alarming rate.

This brings up a good point about recycling. One of the biggest impacts you can make to reduce the amount of waste you create (and without taking up too much time) is to save all plastic or metal containers and recycle them. Laundry detergent bottles and water/drink bottles will take up the bulk of this space. By changing this one habit alone and recycling these containers, you can reduce your waste by 50%! Search for your local recycling center through recyclingcenters.org here.

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