Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers - Scent Your Home with Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to fragrance homes. Only in the past century have other ways of spreading scent become popular. Scent is a big business. There are scientists dedicated to replicating natural scents and getting that scent into the products you spray into your home, office, and cars. Why not just use the natural scent instead? Unsurpringly, if you follow the money trail, you'll find the answer. Cheap ingredients mean bigger profits, and scientifically formulated scent is far cheaper than natural scents, in most instances.

Synthetic scents have their downsides for us. They can give us headaches, cause dizziness, and contain plenty of hormone disruptors. From products like plugs ins, spray can air fresheners, and even scented candles, they all contain artificial fragrance and propellants. The worst part is that fragrance isn't regulated by the government, so they are free to use virtually anything they want in their spray cans, including kerosene, butane, and formaldehyde.

Luckily, not everyone has abandoned creating natural scents. Essential oils provide a natural way to fragrance your home, without any chemicals involved. The smell is also a world of difference. Once you've been exposed to essential oils, you'll notice a major difference in the scent, and you'll be able to point out a fake scent. You may also get less headaches, nausea, and dizziness associated with synthetic fragrances.

The natural aromatherapy reed diffusers offered at are the ideal way to scent your home, chemical free. Five impressive scents have been released that contain essential oils of sandalwood, bergamot, neroli, rose, jasmine, and lemon. They're also vegan friendly, pthalate free, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

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