Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go Green with Us and Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Today is part 3 of a 6 part series of posts on greener living. Today, posts 41-60 will offer more green tips, products, and suggestions that I've offered on my articles on Squidoo. You can click any link to head to that individual article. The goal of each of these links is to help you reduce your impact on the environment and lead a greener lifestyle!If you missed part 1 or part 2 yesterday, please read that first.

41. Go green with these eco friendly, organic earth day t-shirts! They're better for the environment and you.

42. Find the green lens of the week and more tips on this green resources page.

43. Go completely organic with the natural, reusable, and earth friendly products from Chartreuse Products.

44. Why use chemicals on your baby? Try this natural diaper cream instead.

45. Reduce your electricity and heating costs in your home with these easy tips.

46. These delicious veggie panini recipes will have your mouth really watering!

47. The soap nuts laundry detergent is a great way to wash your clothing naturally.

48. Freshen up your home with the incredible scents of these aromatherapy air fresheners. The light scent is incredible!

49. Choose a cute accessory for your baby with the best nursery baby rugs that I've chosen here.

50. These earth friendly t-shirts feature some unique designs, on all organic t-shirts!

51. Organic shower gel is a great way to wash your body without chemicals. It's available in three incredible scents!

52. The organic facial care products here include a full facial regiment gone green and chemical free.

53. Find a bunch of vegeterian recipes to choose from and change up your current diet!

54. What chemicals are in your dryer sheets? Switch to a more natural alternative with these reusable dryer sheets available here!

55. These easy to make vegetable sides are great accompaniments to your dinners (and a good way to squish in more veggies!).

56. There are 50 ways you can go green with Chartreuse on this page, from the eco friendly skin care to the reusable products and more!

57. The organic facial cream is a great way to treat your face to a luxurious, all natural moisturizer that's chemical free.

58. Build your own recycling system in your home with these tips.

59. Go entirely organic with your baby's fun time with these recommended organic baby toys.

60. Book an organic home party with Chartreuse to find out more about the eco friendly, organic products offered!

Be sure to visit the Green Living Tips Blog tomorrow for part 4 of the list! You can also visit A Million Ways to Go Green for more eco friendly tips and advice from the author.

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