Thursday, May 14, 2009

Truly Organic Facial Care Products

organic facial care products
A lot of companies nowadays are saying that they're green, they're organic, and they're earth friendly. And...they're not. The ingredients that they use may contain a single organic ingredient like organic juice, and the rest of the ingredients are the same exact formula. Should this be an acceptable way of doing business? The quick answer is no!

Chartreuse is one of the few companies that makes an effort to use organic ingredients in their facial care products, like aloe vera juice, organic tea extracts, and organic shea butter. The lack of chemicals really do make a difference! A healthier glow, rejuvenated look, and stimulated, more vibrant skin are a result of the earth friendly (and skin friendly) products like the facial cream, under eye cream, gentle relief toner, acne cleanser, and exfoliating scrub. All of these products are either organic or use natural ingredients. When the organic version of an ingredient is too highly priced, that's one of the few times it will not be used.

Curious about the products? Head on over to to see all of the beauty products offered. It's green skin for your face!

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Planet Playground said...

Thank you for posting this! Due to the fact that I have sensitive skin, I find that regular face products do not work on me - they make my skin so gross! I have been looking into purchasing organic face products, but was hesitant to buy them because as you mentioned, it is hard to tell if it is really, really natural. I am going to head over to this website now to check out their products!
Thanks again