Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reuse Things in Your Life and Be Greener!

reuse everythingRecycling is a way of life, but even more important is reusing. Recycling still takes up valuable energy and resources and expels emissions. Reusing, however, will prevent items from going into a landfill or from having to be melted down into something else. I recently had the honor of receiving a purple star from Squidoo on my 50 things you can reuse lens page! I was honored to receive that. It's actually my second one in just a matter of weeks, since I received it for my 50 things you can recycle lens. Talk about encouragement!

So how can you reuse more things besides the items mentioned on the lens to be even greener? First, you should analyze what you're throwing away. If you took a look into your trash right now, what would be in there? Aluminum foil? That can be reused many times if it's not overly dirty. How about bread bags? Those can be used as ziploc bags at least a few times, and you already have the twist tie. Paper? Cut that up and use it as scrap paper for notes, and recycle the rest. Cardboard boxes? Big, sturdy ones can be reused to ship items. Sometimes the post office will take them, too. They need them. Small pieces of cardboard can be reused for Yard Sale signs or kids crafts. Shredded paper can even be reused as compost occasionally in your garden. It biodegrades fairly quickly.

Just remember... before you toss it or recycle it, see if it can be reused! There might just be a second life for the majority of your trash.

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