Friday, May 15, 2009

A Reasonable Replacement for Paper Towels : Reusable Ones

paperless paper towels

What's one of the most wasteful things you can buy that often take up an entire trash bin and can't be recycled? Paper towels. We've grown accustomed to these convenient, chemically treated (and bleached) paper products to clean our homes. The staggering price of these is a wake up call if you break down the numbers. One roll of paper towels costs over $1.00 if you buy the "economy size." For many people with busy households, these rolls will last not even a week. I know I personally went through 2-3 rolls of paper towels for just two people prior to going reusable. Multiply that by 52 weeks of the year, and you could easily be spending $400 a year just on paper towels.

What about recycled paper towels? I found that I used more of those than the other kind since they weren't quite as absorbent, and they were quite rough. You'll also still be throwing away big amounts of paper towels into the trash every day, unnecessarily contributing to our landfills. We need all the space we can get! You also have to pay attention to the content of recycled paper in the product. What percentage is recycled, and is it post or pre consumer recycled? The difference is that pre consumer recycled paper means they just reuse stuff that falls off belts or during manufacturing back into the product. Deceiving! Post consumer means it was used before, and has been recycled into its current product.

Even better than recycled paper towels are reusable towels. The paperless towels offered from Chartreuse are made from sustainable tree farms, and have a long shelf life. They too, are disposable, but they last the life of rolls upon rolls of paper towels, and they're cheaper. They also allow you to scrub the counters better, and can be used to wash dishes. I use them all the time for dishes and they work excellent, and they've saved me a lot of money in paper towel expenses.

You can find them using this link: reusable paper towels. Enter code THEGREENERME at checkout to save 5% on your entire order! Valid only through the link on the previous link. Click "shop for products" after clicking on the link to get started shopping.

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