Eco Gifts

With the thousands of options available on the web to choose from when looking for eco friendly products, discerning the ones that are great from the ones that aren't so great for the environment can be a tough task. What we can be certain of is that the following products AREN'T destructive towards the environment, our future, or to you. If you're looking for unique eco gifts, then try the following list for some great options:

Products for the Home
Soap Nuts - an environmentally friendly alternative to detergent that comes in a cool package. Your clothing will also last far longer because they're all natural and lack the harsh chemicals that wear away at clothing (yet still do a great job cleaning).

Reusable Dryer Sheets
The chemicals you'll find in traditional dryer sheets are downright scary. If you'd like to avoid those chemicals, but still not have all the static on your clothing, try these reusable dryer sheets which are chemical free.

Reusable Paper Towels
Have you ever thought about the waste that paper towels create, and how exactly they are made? Paper towels take up forests upon forests of trees annually. The waste they create is also a big issue in landfills. These reusable paper towels make sense as a green solution for your kitchen cleaning.

Biodegradable Trash Bags
Plastic lasts forever, so why use it if you don't have to? Do a favor for the environment and the next generation with biodegradable trash bags that are made of non-GMO certified corn that breaks down in 3-6 months in landfill conditions. The perfect green alternative to disposable plastic bags.

Organic All Purpose Cleaner
When you clean your home, would you rather have a chemical film left behind or a natural aromatherapy scent? Go natural with your cleaning with the amazing scents of peppermint and citrus. These will wipe away grime, oils, and any tough mess. They work well with the reusable paper towels, too.

Organic Bathroom Cleaner
409 and Mr. Clean might get rid of dirt, but what do they leave behind? Sometimes a chemical scent that you can detect with your own nose, but also ammonia, antibacterial cleansers, Sodium lauryl sulfate, chlorine bleach, and fragrance, to name a few. This organic bathroom cleaner has only natural ingredients that are still strong enough to clean up anything. The scents are also far superior to any artificial fragrance!

Reusable Gift Ideas

Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set
This is a uniquely green way to stop using disposable plastic utensils! Each set includes a bamboo fork, knife, and spoon. They're made out of renewable bamboo resources, and are perfect for the office or anywhere you'll be on-the-go.

Eco Cup
The Eco Cup is a cool way to eliminate all of those wasteful coffee cups you throw in the trash every day from your coffee and lattes! It's made of easily washable ceramic, with a silicone lid that's better than plastic to sip from.

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