Friday, July 31, 2009

Air Fresheners Without the Chemicals: Aromatherapy Scent Sprays

chemical free aromatherapy spray
In most homes, you'll find a few spray cans of aerosol scented spray in the bathroom, and sometimes the kitchen. But what's in those cans of scented spray, and how harmful are they for your lungs, and your children?

Synthetic sprays often contain a number of VOC ingredients (that's volatile organic compounds -- bad stuff). These ingredients can cause asthma, migraines, wheezing, headaches, and are especially bad for kids and babies.

Chartreuse has two natural aromatherapy sprays, which are not aerosols, and are refillable. These do not contain any harmful ingredients on the EPA's Toxic Substance Control Act, merely pure essential oils, emulsifiers, and other natural ingredients that won't make you sneeze, cough, or overall feel yucky.

Remember those heavy-duty disinfectants that used to be sprayed into the air, and how it stung your nose? This can't be good for you, and it can't be good for the environment either. Find these all natural alternatives at Order using the coupon code "thegreenerme" at checkout and you'll receive a 5% discount on your order (you have to use the links in this post). Hurry, offer valid only until August 30!