Friday, October 17, 2008

Recycling your Old Cell Phones

Your old cellphones have plenty of uses that you never knew about. There are many people who desperately need a cellphone to stay in touch and don't have one (can you imagine surviving without a cellphone nowadays?). For those less fortunate, you can donate to any of the following:

Why Recycle your Old Phone

Cell phones are a adding up to huge amounts of waste. With millions of users, only a small percentage of those users are recycling their old phones when they upgrade to new ones. Cell phones contain hazardous, toxic materials like mercury, which are harmful to the environment and humans.

It's Easy.

Recycling your cell phone couldn't be easier. Use any of the above links, many of which will provide you with a postage free envelope to mail the phone. Also, many companies will allow you to return the phone to them to recycle.

Sell your Phone

Your cell phone could be worth something. Check eBay to see what you're cellphone is going for. Check "completed listings" to see what they've sold for recently.

Factory Resets on your Phone

Perform a factory reset on your phone to restore the settings to the "factory settings," deleting any information, text messages, pictures, and other senstive information. A simple google search should yield plenty of instructions on how to quickly do this.

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The Recycler said...

Recently, places will pay cash for the phones too. I saw a site called Compare and Recycle that looked at how much you could get from each recycler for each phone.