Friday, October 24, 2008

Giving Flip Flops a Second Chance with Unique Eco

Unique Eco, the Flip Flop Recycling Company, has come with a commendable idea that's helping needy peope while cleaning marine habitat and beaches. The premise of the company is this: discarded flip flops that wash up on beaches (or are left at the beach) are repurposed into unique artwork, jewelry, stationary, computer bags and other unique items.

The organization has gone out of their way to create some really unique sculptures, including the lifesize projects they are working like Twiga, the Flip Flop Fashion Giraffe, and Mfalme, the life sized flip flop Minke whale. Located in Kenya, these projects are completely made from flip flops that have been collected by locals and fishermen.

To see the gallery of products Unique Eco offers, visit their collection of flip flop artwork today.

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