Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 Easy to Make Homemade Vegetarian Recipes that Won't Take Forever to Make (and Still Taste Delicious!)

We all know most of the benefits of leading a vegetarian lifestyle, but if you're used to eating meat, it can be tough to incorporate more vegetables into your diet in a way that still tastes good. Here you can find some hand picked homemade vegetarian recipes that won't take forever to make, and are a delicious alternative to your regular meat dishes!

1. You won't miss the eggs in these gooey vegan chocolate chip cookies! Try making them next time!

2. Stuffed bell pepper, lemon cauliflower, or veggie primavera sound appetizing? These veggie sides are the perfect way to boost your vegetable intake in a delicious way!

3. Eggplant parmesan is a great way to go meatless for an Italian meal. You can take it one step further and find yourself some soy based cheese, or local dairy.

4. Want to go dairy free, even with your ice cream? Try one of the many homemade soy ice cream recipes
featured on this page.

5. Emeril Lagasse has cooked up a winning hot, nutritious vegetarian chili recipe that even meat lovers will love!

6. Peas and mushrooms add extra veggies to this traditional fettucine alfredo recipe. Great winter meal.

7. They're fancy enough for dinner, and tasty enough to have at anytime of day. These veggie paninis will give you some creative ways to spice up your dinner.

8. An easy, fresh tasting homemade tomato soup tastes far better than anything you've ever had in the can. Just replace the chicken broth with instant (chicken-free) broth.

9. Sweet potato pie, zucchini brownies, cheddar broccoli soup and other veggie favorites can be found on these easy to make veggie recipes page.

10. Craving some meat? Have that beefy taste without the meat in this vegetarian beef stew

11. Fried Zucchini is really simple to make, and goes great with many Italian recipes. Especially good when it's in season, in the peak summer.
12. Another great summer recipe is blueberry rhubarb pie. A good (albeit slightly sugary) way to boost your fruit intake a little.

13. Spinach is a pretty versatile vegetable, full of Vitamin K. Try out these healthy spinach recipes listed here.

14. Mushroom, pesto, sundried tomato... there are hundreds of way to go vegetarian with your pizza.

15. Authentic chinese food already has many vegetables in the recipes. Try out these vegetarian chinese food recipes next time instead of ordering out!

16. Sometimes, the appetizer is the best part of the meal. That's why these vegetarian appetizers are such a great choice. They're healthy, yet still have that delicious hour d'oeuvres taste.

17. Ahh, meatballs. It's tough to get a meat-free version right, but this recipe manages to make a great version of vegetarian meatballs.

18. Love a BBQ, but just don't eat meat? This vegan BBQ video will teach you that you don't need beef to have a smokin' barbeque!

19. There are a few dozen tasty vegan slower cooker recipes you can make at home in a snap on this page. Slower cookers reduce fat, and have loads of taste!

20. Lacking on fruits? These healthy fruit smoothie recipes are one of the best ways to squeeze more fruit into your diet.

21. Mexican food is one of the toughest things to try and make healthy. Try these vegetarian enchiladas next time you're craving some authentic Mexican food and cut some calories.

22. If you're in more of a Chinese mood, check out this page for some simple vegetarian fried rice recipes.

22. Back to Mexican! You can find a few dozen tasty vegetarian Mexican
on this page. The veggie quesadillas sound delicious!
fruit smoothies

23. Start your day the right way! Tofu and soymilk make excellent replacements for eggs in this vegan omelette.

24. When everyone else is eating their hamburger, you can be eating your vegetarian hamburger. These versions are more "meaty" than "tofu-ey".

25. Stuffed bell peppers can easily be made vegetarian. They're usually meat-free anyways!

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