Sunday, July 25, 2010

20 Eco Friendly Tips for a Greener Planet

Have you ever thought about your contribution to helping out the planet, and what your way of life leaves behind? If you're looking for eco friendly tips to make your lifestyle a little greener, then you're in luck. This week, I'll be posting ways to go green with TheGreenerMe and offering links to all of the articles I've published on Squidoo (they're actually called lenses there). Each article has easy ways to go green and earth friendly advice that you'll be able to pick up a thing or two from. Here's the first part of the list (part 1 of 6):

20 Easy, Eco Friendly Tips

1. Find out how to recycle things on my page featuring 50 ways to recycle.

2. Find things that you can reuse with this list of 50 reusables.

3. Set up an eco friendly baby nursery for your newborn with these recommended baby products and nursery tips.

4. Try the reusable coffee cup, the I Am Not a Paper Cup, to cut down on your disposable take out coffee cup waste.

5. Learn how to dispose of paint properly with these easy tips for your next paint job.

6. Give your baby the best BPA free baby bottles for their health with this list of recommended bottles.

7. Green your charitable contributions with this list of green charities, and how they rank for the amount of money that goes towards the cause.

8. These convertible baby cribs are some of the best available today, and will easily convert to day beds and full size beds down the road.

9. You've probably heard the slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle, right? This page will walk you through a typical day that's been greened entirely, from morning to night.

10. Join the Christmas tree debate and decide for yourself whether you're more of a fake tree or real tree person.

11. Reduce things in your life by conserving, cutting back, and analyzing what you use right now with these 50 tips.

12. Take a look at some of our reusable canvas tote bags, which are machine washable, durable, and perfect to replace your current disposable plastic bags.

13. Daily, I post the green tip of the day on Twitter. This page has compiled some of those tweets!

14. Ever wondered what the world would be like if we didn't recycle? Here are some of the possible consequences of not recycling here.

15. If you're looking for some eco friendly and durable furniture for your newborn, read up on some of these baby changing tables!

16. Cut back on water consumption with these water conservation tips for your home and life.

17. Start recycling more things in your life that you didn't know you could with this list. You'll be surprised at some of things you can recycle!

18. I've done some research, and I've found some of the best organic crib mattresses available, and compiled them together on this page.

19. It's important to get in your veggies, and spinach is no exception. Get more Vitamin K in your diet with these healthy spinach recipes.

20. Which side are you on in the bottled water vs tap water debate?

Be sure to visit the Green Living Tips Blog tomorrow for part 2 of the list! You can also visit A Million Ways to Go Green for more eco friendly tips and advice from the author.

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Parag said...

Those tips, if followed by all, will go a long in saving our planet.
Going green takes a little initiative by all of us to make this world a better place to live in.
Tips for a greener planet