Friday, July 30, 2010

Reusable Living, Vegetarian Dishes, and Tips to Reduce Climate Change

This is part 6 in a 6 part series of my green articles on Squidoo. Each of these articles aims to give you a more earth friendly alternative to the things you are already doing and consuming. You'll come away with at least a few new ideas on going green through this series.

101. If there's any one thing you would like to do to lower your electric bill, try weatherstripping your home first.

102. The natural skin soothing spray is a great way to treat sunburns and bug bites, and it's completely all natural!

103. Traditional perfumes not only cause headaches, but are made with toxic plasticizers, which are a chemically created fixative. The natural alternative to the perfume industry is to find organic perfumes that smell wonderful and won't harm the environment.

104. The fall foliage tote bags found here are great ways to be more festive during fall foliage season!

105. The Reusable Bag Headquarters features several different resuable bag companies and designers.

106. Celebarate Earth Day everyday by following these easy tips on recycling, reusing, and reducing things in your life!

107. Use this bag again and again! Find scary reusable Halloween bags for Trick or Treating. They're even washable!

108. Buy organic shade grown coffee and treat the environment a little bit better (and taste the difference!).

109. Here are a few reasons you should eat more veggies (and it's not just because it's good for you!).

110. This natural acne cleanser will do a great job removing acne without using irritating chemicals that will worsen breakouts.

111. The organic under eye cream will smooth wrinkles, and won't subject your skin to chemicals that redden the skin.

112. These lettuce recipes are great ways to increase the amount of lettuce in your diet -- an important vegetable you should be eating.

113. Clean the air quality in your home just by adding a few of these recommended houseplants!

114. Find your town in Massachusetts and find your tote bag on the Massachusetts tote bags page!

115. The renwable energy bag features a beautiful windmill image, reminding everyone to think of how much energy they use day to day!

116. Find my review of Go Green, Live Rich on this lens, and find a sampling of some of the tips you can find in this easy to read book.

117. Quit throwing away disposable cups and use an eco friendly, BPA free, reusable cup like the Eco Cup.

118. Get on track to fight climate change in 50 different ways with this post.

119. Why buy stale, unfresh grocery produce? Find your local farmers market through this all inclusive list of the 50 different states of the USA.

120. If you're making butternut squash frozen, there's a much better alternative. Try out this easy recipe for homemade butternut squash here, it's only takes a few minutes extra preparation time.

Be sure to visit the Green Living Tips Blog for the rest of the 6 part series! You can also visit A Million Ways to Go Green for more eco friendly tips and advice from the author. Thanks for reading this series, I hope you enjoy the articles I've published on Squidoo (and maybe visited a few of them).

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