Thursday, July 29, 2010

Natural Organic Products, Reusable Gifts, and Energy Efficiency

The three themes of the title have little to do with each other, but they have two things in commons: the articles in this post were all published by me, and they all feature ways to help green your life. There are simple, tiny things you can do like switch to biodegradable bags, or you can indulge in a little self pampering with the organic facial care products featured here. There are also a few posts on energy efficient cars and transportation. This is part 5 of a 6 part series on my green articles. Enjoy!

81. Find out how to host an online party here. It's the next best thing to an actual party!

82. These biodegradable pet bags are perfect to carry with you on your dog walks.

83. The organic lotion on this page is a great way to make your skin ultra smooth, and the scents are incredible!

84. Find more organic t-shirts and gift ideas on this page.

85. The cherry blossoms tote bag also features black bird silhouettes and a beautiful design that's machine washable!

86. You can take some green tax breaks to save some money on your taxes next year!

87. The recycled gift wrap on this page is a unique way to reduce your impact on the environment!

88. Reusable coffee filters have their own unique taste, and they're a great way to save those coffee grinds (they make great garden soil!).

89. The US reusable tote bags feature each of the 50 states. Find your state here!

90. The organic exfloating scrub is a natural way to scrub your face and remove dead skin without irritants.

91. These green travel tips will help you be greener on your next vacation.

92. Super soft Egyptian cotton baby towels are the ultimate way to treat your baby organically!

93. Before your next car purchase, check out some of these hybrid car reviews!

94. You can green your car with these green driving tips. Make your car run more efficiently, it will save you some money too.

95. The Chevy Volt is one impressive car. It's electric, and the mileage it gets is unbelievable. Check it out!

96. Not sold on going organic? Here are some reasons to go organic that might change your mind.

97. You can really taste the difference with this organic chocolate offered here!

98. This natural amonia free glass cleaner is a great way to reduce your exposure to harmful irritants from ammonia.

99. The organic gentle relief toner is powerful, yet soothing and invigorating for your face. It will clean up all the leftover dirt after washing it.

100. The organic multi tea cleanser freshens up your face and cleanses pores completely.

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