Friday, May 16, 2008

Switching from Bottled Water Back to Tap

Photo of Bottled Water by Brett Weinstein

Tap water has a bad wrap. The truth of the matter is that tap water is much more regulated than bottled water in the United States. Bottled water companies often do have more contaminants and less minerals than tap. Other bottled water companies, like Aquafina and Dasani, are not even spring water. These two brands are filtered tap water, but still do not face the strict regulations of tap water.

Little known fact: plastic bottles eventually leak chemicals into your bottled water!

The other sad fact about bottled water is that 80% of all water bottles in the United States, despite being recyclable, end up in a landfill. With the recent popularity of bottled water, it should be no surprise that 20 billion bottles will end up in a landfill every year! Bottled water bottles can be recycled at local recycling centers and are very easy to transport.

Water filters are an excellent alternative to bottled water. The taste is usually parallel (and sometimes superior) to the taste of bottled water. It also saves an enormous amount of plastic. Filters like PUR and Brita offer excellent filtration, and are easily found in the supermarket or online. These companies offer pitchers, large and small, individual filtration bottles, and quickly replaced filters. This method will also lead to a large financial savings in a short period of time.

More bottled water facts and tips can be found here: Bottled Water FAQ

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