Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Supporting Local Farmers is Green and Tasty

Bell Peppers by Luc ViatourIf the organic produce in your local grocery store is a bit too pricey, look for a local farm stand. The produce is usually very reasonably priced and freshly picked--much more so than the stores. Local Harvest is a great resource to find the farm closest to you, and they also have an area dedicated to an online store if you would like to get your fresh produce shipped directly to you. Be sure to check out CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) around you, where you can buy shares in a farm. In exchange for your upfront fee (though some farmers are willing to work out payment plans) you will receive fresh produce, and sometimes fresh eggs or meat, once a week (this may vary too, based on the agreement that you buy into). When you buy a share, you are essentially becoming part owner of that crop for the season. Your fee will go towards seeds, fertilizer and everything else the crops will need to grow. Read carefully as some farms will require you to put in some time working the crops. Keep in mind when you contribute your time to helping to grow the crops it helps keeps the cost of buy-in shares down. Buying local is a great way to be green! Not only are you cutting down on the carbon footprint of bringing produce into your home, but you are supporting your local economy!

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