Monday, May 12, 2008

Being Green Without Spending A Lot Of Green

In today's current economy-people are wondering how can I be green without spending a lot of money converting to be greener. The answer is in fact very simple. Being green does not mean changing everything you currently use day to day, everything in your house and everything around you to be more eco-friendly. It does not mean ripping out your perfectly fine wood floors and replacing them with bamboo-and throwing away the floors you ripped out, or replacing every single light bulb in your house with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL)-and throwing away perfectly good light bulbs. Not only are you spending money to become green, but you are also replacing perfectly good items and throwing them away to build up in a landfill somewhere.

A smart green thinker is someone who, when it is time to replace a light bulb will use a CFL bulb, which can be found in almost any supermarket-even Walmart has started carrying them! These bulbs last 5-10 years, and will save you a substantial amount of money off your electric bill. Keep in mind, when using CFL bulbs, they must be disposed of at a recycling center as they do contain small traces of mercury. If you would rather recycle them through the mail, a mere $15 can get you a recycling kit for 12 bulbs (CFL Recycling), keep in mind the bulbs will last 5-10 years!

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