Monday, July 14, 2008

Pesticide Use on Produce

There has been a lot of publicity and concern that has risen about pesticide use on fruits and vegatables, both imported and domestic. One of the biggest preventatives to avoid ingesting pesticide covered fruit is to make sure it is thoroughly washed. All fruit should be washed before consumed, but grapes should be washed before storage. Simply washing thoroughly in water will reduce most risks significantly. Besides being able to purchase food-safe fruit and vegetable washes, you can make your own homemade veggie wash easily. Just because the label reads "organic," don't assume it's safe to eat right away. Organic fruit and vegetables still need to be washed before consumption.

The Organic Center has released a helpful reference on the subject here:
"The pocket guide presents pesticide risk rankings for several key fruits and vegetables and is based on The Organic Center's March 2008 report, Simplifying the Pesticide Risk Equation: The Organic Option. The following fruits and vegetables present the highest risk:"
High Risk Foods

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