Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saving Cash on Packaging Supplies

If you own a business, you know the cost of shipping and packaging is extremely expensive, and one of your biggest costs. The cost of getting rid of waste, having shipping materials shipped to you, storing the materials and the time to pack them all adds up.

Packages that have extra unncessary packaging will find themselves in a different situation than not too long ago. Before, customers may have appreciated, requested or enjoyed additional packaging, flyers, materials, etc, but that's not the case in the present day. Abundant packaging conveys a "non-green" attitude, so think about what you are including with your products. Generally, the less packaging the better. The package should still be packaged safely, but surely there are ways that packaging can be reduced.

With leftover packaging supplies like peanuts, cardboard boxes and plastic bags, these are hot items for eBay sellers. Post the items on Craigslist and you're likely to have many responses. The best part is they'll come to your home or business to pick them up! This saves eBay sellers/business owners a lot of money (a bag of peanuts costs nearly $20 at Staples!). You'll also be saving expensive dumpster space and labor time...not to mention doing a great green deed.

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