Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Easy Green Tips

On our last post, we briefly reviewed our first 25 green living posts, which were on topics ranging from paint disposal to balloons. Today, we're continuing on with 25 more easy green tips from our own blog, done Twitter style in an easy-to-read 140 characters or so (or as short as possible!). Let's dive right in and review some of our past green blog posts! We'll start at #26, since this is part 2 of 4.

25 Easy Green Tips (part 2 - posts 26-50)

26. Sarah Palin was new on the political scene in September of 2008 - brand new. No one was sure of her viewpoint on green issues, but this post helps set the record straight on Palin's stance on climate change, among other issues.

27. Concerned voters weren't getting the facts they need before the 2008 election, so this easy comparison laid out everything on the table for Obama and McCain.

28. September 2008 was the month we chose the fall foliage tote as our bag of the month. A beautiful fall foliage themed bag!

29. Have extra pens, pencils, and art supplies? Schools could use them! See how you can donate your old school supplies on this post.

30. Read how garbage disposals are wasting water, energy and resources on this post.

31. Curious about those plastic bottle numbers, and what they mean? Decode and demystify!

32. Some fruits and veggies are more important to buy organic than others, for how they're farmed, how penetrable the skin is to pesticide, and and what pesticides are used on them. Read up on what fruits to buy organic here on post #32.

33. We get free mousepads from time to time from computers, and sometimes they just plain old fall apart. Reuse your old mousepads with these quick tips!

34. Put those old Duracells aside and find out how to recycle old batteries on this post.

35. Yes, you can recycle your old pizza boxes! It's possible, yes (most of the time).

36. Composting with coffee grinds keeps your soil rich, and really helps in new plant growth. Give it a try!

37. In October '08, we rolled out our popular reusable trick or treat bags just in time for Halloween. Washable, durable, and they store away nicely.

38. 2009 had some great green tax breaks. What will 2010 hold for green tax advantages?

39. The Amazon Kindle was not only an innovation in publishing, but also a milestone in green living. Someday, we might all be reading these on Sunday morning instead of our throw-away newspapers!

40. Cellphones have many toxic parts to them, so you should consider recycling your old cellphones.

41. Looking for a unique, all-in-one green shopping experience? Find great green gift ideas and eco friendly products on this post.

42. This unique company has found ways to recycle flip flops into creative pieces of artwork that will really impress you, like their colorful animal sculptures.

43. Think you're a recycling pro? Well, you might not have thought of these ten ideas on recycling here.

44. Feel that cold blast coming in through the front door? You might need to install weatherstripping in your home. It's fast, easy, cheap, and will save you money, while keeping your house warmer.

45. Real trees, fake trees? How about potted Christmas trees instead?

46. The debate between real vs. fake Christmas trees really heated up on this debate page. Swing in and state your side!

47. Can vegetables make your life greener? Yes! Even if you introduce more veggies into your diet (not all people can go vegan!).

48. Haven't made the switch to tap water? This debate might make you rethink your drinking habits, based on the effects of bottled water on the environment. Another interactive debate!

49. Travelling is one of the most resource-consuming activities we all take part in. To lighten your carbon footprint, these green travel tips will help!

50. It's the perfect time of year to make your own bird feeder ornament! This is fun for kids especially, and the birds will love it in these cold months.

On our next post, we'll be reviewing posts 51-75. Continue on to the eco friendly tips post here! Until then, follow me on Twitter for the green tip of the day, posted daily!

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