Wednesday, December 23, 2009

25 Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

Being more eco friendly, reducing your carbon footprint, and recycling more isn't something that is accomplished overnight. If you're looking for some small, easy steps that you can take right now, try out one of these suggestions. Part 3 of our look back on our green living tips blog, we're reviewing posts 51-75 as we look for more ways to be eco friendly.

Posts 51-75: Go Green with these Eco Friendly Tips!

51. Find a more eco friendly gift wrap for your holiday gift giving this year with this eco wrap!

52. The New Year is fast approaching. What's your green New Year's resolution?

53. If you're looking for tips on going green for the New Year, look no further than these 29 ideas.

54. Go green on Valentine's Day and avoid the disposable gift giving we're so used to!

55. Stop recycling and start reusing with this post that will give you 50 ideas to reduce your waste!

56. We've held plenty of contests, but this was one of the first in January, the backyard bird contest.

57. Traditional plastic trash bags don't break down into the environment, but biodegradable trash bags do.

58. Nothing tastes better on Valentine's Day than fair trade organic chocolate. It's better for you, and better for the environment.

59. In late January, we compiled 30 easy green tips, much like this post right here!

60. Still on the fence about buying a hybrid vehicle? Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in a hybrid car, from new gas saving technology to steep consumer discounts.

61. Eco friendly road salt may have less of a toll on our environment. Have you ever noticed the condition of the roads and damage road salt causes?

62. Clean up your finances with these ways to green your finances and budget. It turns out that greening your wallet can also make your life greener - and healthier.

63. Every year, Earth Hour gets a little bit bigger. Just a few years ago, it didn't exist. Take a look back at Earth Hour 2009 and prepare for the next big event!

64. Come February, you might be longing for the days of summer and fresh spices. Grow your own spices and herbs indoors with one of these convenient growers and you can enjoy garden fresh taste all year.

65. Wondering what you can do during Earth Hour this year? We've come up with ten things you can do during Earth Hour to enjoy the time away from electricity!

66. If you know someone that isn't all that into green living but might want to give it a try, this video is an excellent introduction to going green.

67. In April of 2009, we held the earth day contest. We had a lot of interest and will probably be holding another one in 2010, keep reading this blog for details!

68. We gave bloggers a special place to enter the earth day contest on this page, which was a smash hit for both readers and us.

69. Traditional laundry detergent can contain harmful chemicals and wear through clothing, proving to be bad for both you and the environment. Soap nuts are an eco friendly, natural solution!

70. What can you recycle and can't you recycle? This list of 50 things you can recycle will give you some excellent ideas on what else you can stop throwing away.

71. What are you putting on your face in the morning? An organic facial care regiment can benefit your skin and complexion, while supporting organic farming techniques and all natural, pesticide free products.

72. Sick of wasting paper towels? Paperless towels are a great replacement for paper towels that will use far less than the ordinary roll.

73. Here's a list of ten things you should be buying green from cars to homes.

74. Chartreuse is a great green company for your household cleaning, facial care, and gift giving. Find 50 ways you can go green with chartreuse on this post and see if they win you over!

75. Freshen up your home without the chemicals with these chemical free aromatherapy air fresheners! They come in two amazing scents of energizing peppermint and refreshing citrus.

You can find our other posts on our 101st green living post, and part two on our 25 easy green tips post. On our next post, we'll be covering part 4, keep reading, and have a happy holiday season!

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