Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earth Day Contest

Earth is April 22. What are your plans? Are you planning on planting a tree? Educating other people about Earth Day? Picking up litter? How about writing about Earth Day?

Until April 22, you can enter the Earth Day contest, where you can win $65 in organic and reusable products from Chartreuse. So how do you enter? First, visit the Earth Day contest page to read everything about the contest.

If you're a writer, this is your chance! Write about anything that's a green themed topic, like:

  • Earth Day

  • Recycling

  • Activities in your local area on Earth Day

  • Tips on energy conservation

  • Climate change

  • How to reuse things

  • Water conservation

  • Or any other green topic you can think of!

The winner will be decided by voters, who will vote for their favorite blog post. The voting closes at midnight on April 22 EST. Two other winners will be chosen if enough entries are received!

Enter here: Earth Day contest

Good luck! And be sure to pass this contest along to anyone you think might like entering. Then, come back and see the other posts and vote for your favorite!
Photo of rainforest by Tauntingpanda under Creative Commons 2.0

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