Sunday, February 1, 2009

7 Reasons Why you Should Invest in a Hybrid

It's been months since the gas prices finally went down, and boy did they plummet. From a peak of near $5 per gallon, we saw a decrease of gas prices to near around $1.50 per gallon. That price hadn't been seen since 2005.

So why should you even care at this point to make a more energy/fuel conscious decision with your next vehicle purchase?

  • There's still only a certain amount of oil left in the world. We're getting closer and closer to that amount by the day, so at some point, gas prices will go back up like they did before.

  • Just because you aren't saving as much money doesn't mean you won't be saving any money. Hybrids sales sunk when gas prices sunk, so you can find a much better deal now than you could have a few months ago.

  • Used hybrids are an even better deal. Why not see what's for sale? Used hybrids are an even greener option than brand new ones.

  • Ever year, progress is being made on hybrid technology. The latest hybrids are more efficient than last year's models, and the technology continues to grow.

  • Hybrid sales have fallen 9.9% since the rapidly climbing gas prices of 2008. Car sales in general are falling. Dealers want to move these cars, so if you can negotiate, you might be able to snag a good deal on some of these hybrids.

  • Oil companies have steadily been raising prices on barrels of oil, even though the economy is in a huge slump. Oil companies are greedy. Expect those gas prices to go back to the way they were when you're least thinking about it.

  • Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet and other major car companies are pushing forward with hybrid technology to reduce the cost of parts, batteries, and the overall sticker price. They haven't lost faith, and neither should we.

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Suko said...

Terrific post! I was trying to convince someone yesterday to get a hybrid. Maybe I should forward this post!