Monday, January 18, 2010

TakeOutWithOut - Bring Your Own Reusables Out to Dinner with You!

I came across this great new site and I had to share it with you all. The site is and focuses on a topic which is important to a lot of the readers of this blog. Being sure to reduce waste and always use reusable containers as much as possible is crucial for protecting our planet!

The focus on the site is to encourage everyone to evaluate packaging of food items. For example, if you go out to eat, are you going to likely have some leftovers? If so plan ahead and bring your own container with you to transport the food home. Or are you eating food on the road? Maybe you carry a metal or bamboo utensil set. When you go to grab napkins when you are out, do you consider how many napkins you will actually need or do you just grab a handful? Have you considered travelling with cloth napkins for you and your family? They take up very little room and eliminate the waste of the paper napkin. Are you someone that always orders a bottle of water with lunch? ELiminate the waste of the bottle and bring your own refillable container. Not only will you eliminate your BPA exposure from a plastic bottle, you will save money and reduce waste.

One great idea is to keep a spare set of reusable containers, utensils and cloth napkins in your car. This will you will have them at all times, including that time when you don't think you are stopping for a bite to eat but then hunger kicks in!

From their main page you can join the campaign through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. They will also be posting participating restaurants on their site where you may get special offers!

Great work TakeOutWithOut!