Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Greening Your Baby Nursery

babyWhen you're having a baby, you'll want only the best for them. If you could avoid the chemicals if you knew it harmed your child, wouldn't you avoid them? It turns out, pound for pound, that babies are much vulnerable to chemicals than we are as adults. If you're saying "nah, that bleach doesn't hurt me, why would it hurt the baby?" Everything from an increase in allergies and asthma to increased sexual reproduction organ failures can be blamed partially on an overuse of chemicals.

When you're setting up your baby's nursery, going green and organic is more than just about the environment, it's about the health of your baby. Think of the things that your baby will be in the most contact with - the bedding, their toys, and their bottles. Buying chemical-free with these nursery staples is a great service to your baby.

Read more about greening your baby nursery on this guide which features recommended products, what to avoid, and what items are must-haves for your little one that's on the way.

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