Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 Reasons to Buy the Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular products available on the web today. If you're someone that likes to read anything from the morning newspaper to an in-flight paperback that you purchased at the airport, the Kindle can help you save money and save paper from being printed on. Here are ten reasons to buy the Amazon Kindle, for eco reasons, and for the amazing options offered on this wireless device.

1. Save newspapers from being printed, recycled, and thrown away. Easily download the morning paper, or read the latest issue of your favorite magazine a click. Less trips to the recycle center, less paper thrown away, and less money out of your pocket. It's a win-win situation for both you and the planet.

2. Save money with the New York Times bestsellers list. With new releases and best sellers at $9.99 and less, you'll be saving a lot of money just by downloading these books. Think about every time a new release came out that was exclusively available on hardcover. You had the choice of buying the hardcover for $29.95, or waiting until the paperback came out a few months later. Now with the Kindle, you may not run into that as much.

3. It's easy to carry around with you. If you already are carrying a book or carrying case, this will be no problem to carry. The Kindle is the width of a pencil, about 1/3". That's tiny. It's also lightweight, so you won't have to worry about it bogging down your purse, messenger bag, briefcase, school bag, or carry-on.

4. Long lasting charge. The Kindle can be used for a very long time without having to be recharged. That means no mid-flight burn out, and no charging every day. The Kindle battery lasts roughly one week with wireless on, two weeks with wireless off. It also has a convenient USB cord so you can charge almost anywhere.

5. Less trips to the book store. With the Kindle, you can have books downloaded to your device in just 60 seconds! That's gas savings, transport savings, and not to mention less emissions into the atmosphere - so it's a clear green choice.

6. Less books to carry with you. On a normal trip out, you might have several paperbacks, magazines, and newspapers to keep you occupied. With the Kindle, you can fit 1500 releases, more than any man can possibly read during a long flight across the Atlantic.

7. Less stress on your eyes. When reading on laptop or computer screen, you'll notice a definite toll on your eyes after time. The Kindle utilizes ink screen technology, using real ink to make the screen appear more vivid and lifelike, just like an actual book. You can also read in sunlight with no glare. If you're someone that reads ebook downloads on your computer, the Kindle will be much easier on the eyes.

8. Increase your vocabulary with the built-in dictionary. If you've ever come across a word in a book that you didn't know the meaning of, chances are you aren't going to have the Webster's Dictionary by your side to look it up, or take the time to do it. With the Kindle, you can use the built-in New Oxford American Dictionary to place the cursor over the word you want the definition for. The definition will appear at the bottom of the page instead of clicking.

9. Kindle has a built in basic web browser. Great for text websites, you can read up on research websites, take notes, or spend all day on Wikipedia (or maybe our blog!).

10. Free wireless connection. The Kindle doesn't charge you to use their wireless connection, which is practically unheard of with most technology. A cellphone, laptop, BlackBerry, those all charge for their wireless connection.

Buy the Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation) and have it shipped to your door to start saving paper, trees, and money. With nearly 10,000 customer reviews, the Kindle is also adding more titles to their already gigantic library. Go ahead, give it a try!

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