Monday, January 11, 2010

Reusable Bag Contest - Win a Free Reusable Bag!

Every year, millions of plastic bags head into landfills or are thrown into our environment causing pollution and problems for wildlife. The man-made convenience known as plastic bags didn't exist 100 years ago, but has become a giant problem for us to conquer in modern times. They pollute our waterways, and cause emissions during the production process. The solution has been around for years, and we all know what it is: reusable bags. Our ancestors used reusable bags to go the grocery store because they were sturdy, sustainable, and they made sense. At some point in history, the plastic bag came into our consciousness as an easy way to have a bag at the ready cheaply. Not thinking of the consequences, first paper, then plastic bags became more and more popular.

Today, a trend has started in the world of plastic bags. There's a reversal happening, even it's a tiny one. People are starting to bring their own bags, and other people are noticing. You're always going to have those few people that are very resistant, but change is happening, and the reusable bag is finally becoming popular again!

Every month, EcoGreenBags holds a contest to win a free reusable bag. This month is no different! This month, the winner will receive the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle tote bag. A beautiful double sided print bag, this is perfect to carry your groceries, and it's even machine washable (so you can use it for meat and raw foods). To win this bag, head over to the official contest page for details on how to enter. The winner will be announced on January 31! Entering is simple. Good luck to all of those that enter, and keep using your reusable bags!

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