Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Reusable Shopping Tote Bags!

This month, we've added four new reusable shopping tote bags to EcoGreenBags! First up is our brand new Save the Turtles tote bag. This bag encourages you to save wildlife simply by cutting up your six pack rings. How will this help? By cutting rings from canned beverage containers, wildlife can more easily escape from the plastic rings, which often suffocate animals like turtles, birds and fish. Spread the word and help these animals out with the new Save the Turtles Tote Bag!

Make Plastic Extinct

Next up is the Make Plastic Extinct Tote Bag, inspired by the old dinosaur. Featuring a vintage, distressed look, this design imagines a scenario where the plastic bag is no the dinosaur. Imagine that? By spreading the message, we can get there, and this tote aims to help in that journey!

Just Say No to Plastic

This leads us to our next bag, the Just Say No to Plastic Reusable Tote Bag. Everyone has choices when they head to the supermarket, the mall, to a farmer's market, or anytime that they purchase something in person. Do you opt to take those disposable plastic bags, or do you just say no? In some circumstances, you may not need any bag (like when you're renting a video), while some you can use reusable bags instead of paper or plastic. Just say no to plastic and urge others to start reusing! If you have extra reusable bags, give them to someone you feel might need them. If you'd like to make the "just say no to plastic" campaign become more viral, then this bag is an excellent choice!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Last, but not least, is our new reduce, reuse, recycle tote bag. Familiar symbols on the front make this a fun new bag, with green floral symbols on the design. It's 100% cotton canvas, machine washable, and has plenty of room to carry everything you need on your way to work, school, or out shopping! A great choice for a reusable bag at the grocery store, too.

Also be sure to visit our store on Zazzle, where we have added over 50 new organic t-shirts and some new reusable bags there as well!

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