Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buy Certified Organic Plush Animals (and Know What You're Getting)

organic plush animalWhen someone puts the time into a product you buy and it's apparent that there's fine workmanship involved, you're usually happy with that product. Mass produced pieces that come off an assembly line that don't have as much attention to detail... well, those are often tossed aside. The same logic can even be applied to kids toys and plush animals. When they're well made, we notice. When they're cheap and poorly constructed, we also take notice (and vow to never purchase them again, not to mention tell the entire neighborhood, along with all of your Facebook friends).

Stuffed animals are a dime a dozen, but finding plush animals that aren't made with cheap, chemically treated filler is a little more extraordinary. From the buttons to the outside fabric, manufacturers can tend to skimp and use cheaper materials to offer a lower price. With that lower cost to you comes a certain cost to everyone, and those are:

  • The effects on the environment
  • The adverse health effects on workers (working in chemically treated cotton plantations)
  • Cheaper materials that may be treated with hazardous chemicals, unbeknownst to you

Unlike food products, manufacturers do not have to disclose what is in the teddy bear that you're giving your child. What could be in it? Pesticide treated cotton, synthetics with traces of lead, who knows?

Buying a certified organic plush animal is a much better option for your child. Not only will it be safer, but you'll know what you're getting. There are also many customer reviews out there of these organic stuffed animals, so you can read before buying whether you think the product would be a good fit for your child.

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