Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Use Not a Paper Cup vs. a Disposable Paper or Styrofoam Coffee Cup

One of my favorite new products which I came across this summer is the Not a Paper Cup. The more I use it, the more I love it! Not only is this unique invention eco-friendly, but it also brings along with it a trendy fashion statement.

As I think about using the cup, I think about all of my friends and family who stop at the local coffee shop along their way to work and order a coffee to go. This coffee is normally in a paper or styrofoam cup, both of these disposable. Or during those hot summer days a plastic cup for iced coffee, which again will just be thrown away at the office after being used. As the day goes on, perhaps they get a bottle of water or soda, or maybe they will use a plastic cup at the water fountain to quench their thirst. Then off to lunch, where another beverage is likely to be consumed from some type of cup which will likely be thrown away after the meal. Then of course, an afternoon tea, coffee, water or other beverage, which again will have another disposable cup to be thrown away after use. Some businesses have introduced recycling of plastic and styrofoam, and if not you may want to look into different options to bring to your company.

After thinking about all of these I put together my top 10 list on why to use a paper cup. Please feel free to add your reasons in the comments box!

10. No Leaks! How many times have you picked up a hot beverage on your way to somewhere important-work, family function, shopping, or during a day where you are getting a little "me" time, and low and behold the lid on the beverage is cracked and spills all over you. The silicon lid fits tightly on the cup so no more cracked lids!

9. Double Insulated Wall! This means your beverage will stay hot (or cold-see #8) for hours!

8. Perfect for Cold Beverages too! Not only am I able to use this cup to bring my hot latte to work, but then after a quick wash it is ready to be filled up at the water fountain - no more plastic cups for cold drinks during the day!

7. Your Hands Stay Safe! We all have had the one cup of hot beverage - coffee, tea, etc. which has come in the disposable paper cup. You go to pick up your delicious beverage only to burn the skin right off your palms because the heat from the drink went right through the paper - ouch!! Not a Paper Cup will protect your hands from the high heat of your beverage! If its a cold drink, no need to worry about numbing your hands ;)

6. Ceramic Mug! No need to worry about BPA or anything else leaching out of a traditional plastic, paper or styrofoam cup.

5. Silicon Lid! The lid never gets hot, so no more burning your lips on the plastic topper of your cup. And, no need to worry about anything leaching out of the silicon lid, unlike what could leach out of a traditional plastic lid.

4. Trendy! Make a statement. Not only are you showing that you care about the environment but you will have a cup which people will be very curious about and you will likely get questions. Share your eco knowledge and reduce general use of disposal cups!

3. It's White! This is a white which is fashionable to sport at any time of year. No more following the Memorial Day to Labor Day rules with this cup.

2. Saving Money $$$ ! And who doesn't like to save money? Most coffee shops will offer a discount to customers bringing in their own cup. This reduces the expense to the store because they don't have to incur the cost of the disposable cup with your order. Be sure to ask at the register!

1. It's Reusable!!! Need I say more?

The Reusable Not a Paper Cup can be purchased from TheGreenerEarth.

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Event Supplies said...

Maybe we should look at including a "green tax" on disposable products purchased from coffee chains, a tax that is set aside to pay for the proper sorting and recycling of the cups used? In essence this would mean that customers are picking up the tab to recycle their own disposable paper cup waste, but the cost would be tiny on a per-customer basis.

Robert Daniel
Paper Cups